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Teach Happy Texts - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Ever feel like during a teaching day you could use a little...




Like you're craving some positivity in your pocket to help you get through your day?

I've been there too.  Just wanting someone to reach out with motivating words to help me make it. 

It's here.  

So, what is Teach Happy Texts? 

By purchasing, Teach Happy Texts, you are connected to me, Sheila Jane. 

I will text you inspiring messages throughout the month, when you least expect it, at the perfect time, to help you through your toughest teaching days.

My happy teacher messages are sent straight to your phone as a text message.  How easy is that?! 


You're going through your teaching day.  Feeling pulled in all directions, tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and wondering if anyone understands how hard you're working. BOOM!  Your text message sound goes off.  Who is this from? A message from SJT (Sheila Jane).  

The message lifts up your spirits.  Instantly, your mood shifts and you make it through your teaching day with a smile on your face. 

How do I have the ability to text you WITHOUT knowing your phone number?

I send your text messages through the Remind App.  You don't need to have this app to receive text messages.  


Upon purchasing, you'll have a download page with an exclusive text number and also a special text message code.  Text the code to the number provided on the download pdf in order to receive my texts.

Some things you need to know before purchasing. 

Here is what I can promise you:

*You only pay for this service 1 TIME!  

*This is not SPAM.  This is genuine happy texts from me to you. 

*You will receive AT LEAST 1 special text message from me a week.  Could be more you just never know 

*For however long I decide to offer this special Teach Happy Text service, you're getting a very large dose of pure happiness. 

*TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This is a one time fee.  Sheila Jane Teaching has the right to end this service at any time and you will no longer receive text messages.  You understand and agree to these terms and conditions at the time of  purchase.